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Herbal Tea

Discussion in 'Share Your Problems' started by bloodrose_13, Feb 18, 2012.

  1. bloodrose_13 Well-Known Member

    I want to know about a certain herbal tea and I haven't been able to find anything useful about it on the net so I thought I'd post here and see if anybody knows anything about it.
    On the net it only gives what the box already has on it so it's not much to go on.
    It's called "Nguan Heng Chan Special Herbing Tea."
    It's not even written right but that's how it is.
    If anyone can tell me what are the ingredients or anything useful regarding it (its effects etc.), that would be awesome.
    Thank you!

    • PKF Volunteer

    Wish Well-Known Member

    I trired searching for it too.. All wht I got as well was that this is a herbal tea, wihich ofcourse I came to knoe after u're post only :oops: .. Still lukin, pata chalta hai toh wud get back to u .. Just in case u find out bout it then let me know too :)

  2. Ansa ali Well-Known Member

    Herbal tea which is sold here in my city is basically green tea mixed with some herbs, helpful for losing weight. :)

  3. Twinkle Well-Known Member

    i make a tea...which includes green tea leaves...take one cup of water and when it gets warm put few green tea leaves and a pinch of these seeds...and a sugar to taste
    . fennel seed (sonf)
    fenicul3 (1).jpg
    . ajwain seed
    . cardamom seed (ilaichi)

    thora sa ubal anay do, phir dhak do for a few seconds takay steam ho jai...and it is ready...i think it is herbal tea...it is good for stomach and generally too...before going to sleep u can take it...i hope it helps...
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    Wish Well-Known Member

    Ajwayen wali ka toh maine suna bhi hai ..

    • PKF Volunteer

    Aamna Well-Known Member

    Yes twinkle sis wali i have also tried .. Its good. :)

  4. bloodrose_13 Well-Known Member

    aww, thank you for your help girls...appreciate it :)

  5. Aisha Former PKF Staff

    Thank you girls and do share some healthy tips here :)

  6. ActiveBhai Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the info twinkle behna

  7. Fiza_fairy Well-Known Member

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